Thanks for Checking out my first NFT project. I’m a solo developer looking to learn as much as I can about blockchain technology.  I got interested in NFTs in May of 2021. I have a little bit of programming knowledge and wanted to figure out how to make my own. I’ve always loved Giraffes and decided to use them for the subject while I figure this all out.

The art is all drawn by me using Procreate on an Ipad and assembled with an application I wrote using Python.  This Python script creates the art and also generates .json files with trait information.

The Images and .json files are all stored on IPFS.

The contract is an ERC-721 I created from watching you tube videos and reading opensea tutorials.

I chose to mint on Polygon so that I can mint the entire collection myself and allow people to buy and transfer them with low gas fees.

I look forward to helping other people with their NFT projects and supporting other NFT creators where I can.

  • Kedals